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Music that gives off a scent of timber, pieces of rediscovered meadow converted into city traffic. Awakened at its springs with jazz and world music's origins, it slowly gains enlightenment during hard-built process of aiming for authenticity of contemporary meaning, of everyday experience.

T/Aboret is a single story told by four distinct voices. Originating from various musical spheres, the four express themselves in ethno jazz compositions, improvisations and rhythmical variations.

Polish background. Still, the language is modern and industrial, as it is based on wide, encompassing access to the surrounding reality. Reality compressed into one, common emotionality. Four people, thirteen instruments, one storyline

The band started working together in 2015 and really quickly builds its own fan base. In December T/Aboret received the 1st prize and the audience prize at the ‘Open Stage’ competition during XXV International Folk Music Festival ‘Mikołajki Folkowe’ for its cohesive sound, authenticity of music partnership and skillful use of traditional themes in jazz arrangements.

Initiator of the project and founder of the band T/Aboret. Pianist, the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music graduate.. Composer of the music for theatre plays and performative readings. Music educator in the Fryderyk Chopin Institute.
Natalia Czekała
piano, vocal
Violinist, graduate of the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. Student of knee fiddles in the Music Academy in Cracow. Laureate of many national violin competitions.Performed with Maria Pomianowska, Maria Sadowska, Same Suki, Kapela Maliszów. Founder of KarmaTrio.
Karolina Matuszkiewicz
Bilgoray suka, Plock fiddle, Bulgarian gadulka, kamacheh, violin, vocal
Double bass and bass guitar player. Performed with Mariusz Wawrzyńczyk, Janusz Kruciński, Halinka Mlynkova, Ania Rusowicz and others. Was part od the rhythm section in bands like PO CO, The Engineers Band, Bardotka Trio and orchestra of the Theatre "Pijana Sypialnia".
Artur Siejka
double bass
Percussionist, cultural manager. Took lessons with Zohar Fresco, Bijan Chemirani, Muthu Kumar and others. His focus lies on middle eastern percussion instruments. Creator of many cultural projects for children and youth. Cooperated with Kayah and TO, Mohammad Raosuli, Philip Bracken, the Dramatic Theatre of the Capital City of Warsaw.
Krzysztof Guzewicz
tabla, cajon, tonbak, udu, goblet drum, daf
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Others about us

"Sophisticated mix of jazz and folk, polish folk melodies nad piano improvisations."

Jadwiga Marchwica portal Etnosystem

Inni o nas

Spójność brzmienia, autentyzm współmuzykowania oraz umiejętne stosowanie tradycyjnych motywów w jazzowych aranżacjach

Jury festiwalu MIkołajki Folkowe


Krzysztof Guzewicz
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